Who Is Tom Tattle?

I am a mid 40's internet geek from Canada and proud father to a special boy.  I have been obsessed with website design and more importantly learning how to rank websites higher in the search engines since 2009.

Prior to that I was deeply involved in the paintball industry where I excelled in both on the field and the business realm.  I managed to beworld champion part of the World Champion ten man team in both 1998 and 2000 where I competed with an American team from Detroit topping over 200 teams from all over the world.  Paintball is one of the most strategical games I have ever experienced where strategy, tactics, and discipline were the key to our teams repeated success.

I retired from competition shortly after as my schedule was too crowded, trying to balance being a new father, a full time job and my paintball field that was quickly growing.  The Paintball field blossomed into a success after only 3 years to the point that I had 15 employees and a retail store about to open.

What was the secret to my success?  I had a competitor that treated his customers like dirt.  He was the only game in town and I knew I could offer better customer service than him, if I could only figure out how to attract people to give my field a try.  The internet was still not mainstream then and Google Adwords was pretty inexpensive to use at the time.  I was able to get my name out there using keyword targeted ads on Google that only cost me pennies for each click and directed people to my website.  Soon I had the majority market share entertaining a few hundred customers a week.

My SonFast forward to 2009, I no longer played paintball and had sold off my paintball business back in 2005 for a handsome sum.  A few months prior I discovered my only son was diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome at the age of 8.  Asperger's Syndrome is a form of high functioning autism that mainly affects social skills.  My son was the Chess Champion of our city with a population of almost half a million people when he was in grade six.  He was the spelling bee champ in his school and also did the rubik's cube in under 80 seconds shortly after learning it when he was 8.  Pretty amazing accomplishments for a boy that has been suspended from school over thirty times before 8th grade.

I knew my son would have difficulty later on in life trying to work for or with somebody given his social skills disadvantage.  That is when I decided to start learning web design and more importantly what factors made certain websites appear near the top of the search engines.  I wanted to develop a business that he could excel at when he was ready to take over and limit the amount of human interaction required that most businesses require.  An online business would be perfect for him.

In case you were wondering why I bothered mentioning paintball at the start, it is important to note that I used the same discipline methods to develop strategy and tactics when I am trying to rank a website.  It is that methodical approach and similar journey I used to be successful in paintball.  I never considered
myself a top athlete but I would always outwork everyone.  I would constantly consume every new article on paintball tactics and repeatedly practice techniques over and over so I could pretty much do them in my sleep.  You could say I was obsessed.

I found myself once again obsessed in a new venture and have enjoyed every minute of it.  I love makingintegrity websites and testing them to see what makes them climb to the top of the rankings. I have had my share of success and failures along the way.  I managed to create a successful dating site early on along with a handful of other sites that get over a thousand visitors a day.

I will not promise you that your website will land on the first spot for your keywords in your city, but I will confidently say that you can
apply my methods to increase your current rankings.  I want to also state that I have always followed a few principles in both life and business that I honestly think are requirements to any successful business.  I hope you value honesty and integrity as much as I do and reap the rewards for doing so.  I am not here to sell you anything, just simply passing on the valuable information I have learned over my journey.

Thanks for taking time to read this page, and I hope to hear from you in the comments section.

Tom Tattle