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HVAC Website Design


Build A HVAC WebsiteI will cover the key features that successful HVAC websites contain and show you how to create your own HVAC website in simple steps, with no coding knowledge required and without breaking the bank.  A simple internet search with reveal that most companies will charge you $2000 to $3000 for a small business website along with a monthly fee of anywhere between $25 to $75.  As a bonus I will also give you tips on how to rank your HVAC site near the top of the search engines to increase your sales.  For as little as $100 for the entire year, and a few hours of your time, you can create and make your own updates to your very own HVAC site.

• Total investment:  Under $100

• Your Time Invested:  Four to six hours

• Learn how to rank higher in the search engines

• Step by step instructions for beginners

Follow along and learn from my six plus years of experience building hundreds of websites.  Creating your own website is really not that difficult, and can be broken down into three simple steps. Be sure to bookmark this page as you will want to come back here after completing the first three steps.

If you have not picked out a domain name or hosting for your new website, then please go to step 1 to begin setting up your website.  A domain name is the basically the title of your website followed by an extension such as .com.  The name of your business followed by .com is usually a smart choice.  In step 1 you will learn how to search and find if your domain name is available.

OK, welcome back!  I see you have completed steps one to three and you now have your domain name, hosting, and WordPress install complete.  See, that was easy right?  Below I will cover some of the more detailed points regarding setting up your HVAC site to make it look pretty.


Popular pages you should include on your HVAC website are:

•About Us

•Contact Us

•Privacy Policy


•Products And Services

Logo Design

tom tattle logo

If you do not already have a logo, you can always get one made at a reasonable price.  I get great work done for under $30; I will get three high quality logos designed that I can choose from.  A logo is not a requirement, but it will definitely help project a professional image.  The website called Fiverr is a great resource for finding low cost graphic design on a budget.  Make sure you select an artist with a high review rating.

HVAC Website Templates

One of the great things about using WordPress is the ability to quickly change the look or skin of your website.  For a few dollars you can buy a pre made HVAC website template that you can simply place your company name and wording in place of the default title and text.  Some examples are listed below.  Make sure you select a template that is compatible with WordPress.

Heating and Cooling Website Template

If you are looking to save some time, and like the look of the heating and cooling website below, you can purchase this theme for $75 and substitute your own wording and logo.

HVAC Website Template

HVAC Keywords To Target

When ranking your site in the search engines, there are certain keywords or phrases that you will want to target  to have an edge on your competition and help you rank for popular searches related to your services.  Be sure to mention your city a few times in your content as well, as often people will include it in their search for heating and cooling services in your area.

Popular search terms to include in your HVAC website:  Average monthly Google searches for exact term in the USA.


Avg. Monthly Searches (exact match only)



heating and cooling


air duct cleaning


ac repair


duct cleaning


furnace repair


hvac repair


a/c repair


heating repair


air conditioner service


hvac service


heater repair


vent cleaning


ac installation


heating contractor


central air repair


ac repair service


fix air conditioner


repair air conditioner


furnace company


furnace repairman


service ac


servicing air conditioner


air conditioner contractor


service furnace


Ranking Your HVAC Website Near The Top Of The Search Engines

The image below shows search results for paid advertisers in red, and the “organic results” in yellow.  You want to rank as high as possible in the yellow section for potential HVAC customers to find your business.

paid vs organic search results

Now that you know what key words you should target for your HVAC website, you will want to use some techniques and tools to help you rank higher in Google, Bing, and Yahoo.  This technique is commonly referred to as search engine optimization.  I have created a helpful tutorial on 10 search engine ranking tips that will help your heating and cooling website rank higher.

I hope you found my DIY HVAC website guide helpful and realized making your own website is not rocket science.  Over the long run you will save thousands of dollars with the ability to create your own web presence and market it effectively along with the pride of learning a new skill set and being able to brag to your buddies that you are now a computer nerd.

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  1. Great advice here. I see you made note of an hvac theme from Nexus. I love their themes as it is pretty easy to install and manage. I also like the photo packs that they sell with them too. I have also used simple website builders such as Wix and Weebly but with those you do lose the functionality and more importantly I still think it gives off that cheap look as well. Great article on how to easily set up a new hvac site.

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